Friday, June 7, 2013

Worth the Splurge: Sevenly for a Good Cause

Sometimes, you just have to shop. If you're going to, why not support a good cause and earn some karma points? Sevenly is a company that sells goods for a cause. Each week they choose a different cause/charity and sell products to support them. 

Available Here 

If you buy a product during that week, seven dollars are donated to that cause (get it? Sevenly...). This week the cause is 4 Paws For Ability, and your purchase will help a child with seizures receive a life-saving service dog. 

You can also score some really adorable products. 

Available Here

If you're going to shop, why not do it for a great cause? Making the world a better place is certainly worth the splurge. Plus, we both know you need the karma points, you little minx. 

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