Monday, June 10, 2013

Non-Detox? Pretty Little Liars

So this post has mostly nothing to do any form of detox (unless you factor in that I like to watch PLL at the gym). BUT if you do need an entertaining show to convince you to spend a night in instead of a night out spending cash, Netflix just added the third season of Pretty Little Liars to its streaming content. I know this because they emailed my boyfriend (whose name/email is on the netflix account) and he was all "WHY would they tell me that Pretty Little Liars season 3 is available?" And I was all "MEEEEE! Because I clearly am NOT too old to watch a show about high school girls who melodramatically search for their dead best friend's murderer, Hanna's clothes are awesome, and Ezra would clearly be a pervert in real life, but I'm willing to suspend my disbelief in the interest of wonderfully bad television . . . I'll see you in twelve hours while I deplete every ounce of fantastically mindless goodness."

So this is really just a gift from me to you, if you haven't already discovered this show for yourself. You're welcome.  

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