Monday, June 10, 2013

Shopping Detox: The Best Stain Remover You'll EVER Find

I wouldn't normally consider myself a klutz. I don't spill all the time or trip on my own feet. But something magical happens when I decide to wear white or silk, and I immediately become the worlds largest grade A goober. I spill on everything and anything. It's really sort of heartbreaking. 

Luckily, I have a solution. It gets most stains out of almost anything, and is especially good for red wine stains (glasses of red wine feel a gravitational pull towards my white clothing). You'll need two things

You can get both hydrogen peroxide and dawn dish soap at any grocery store or CVS. Mix them together with two parts hydrogen peroxide and one part dawn dish soap. I did it in tablespoons and it was enough to treat five pieces of clothing (don't judge, I swear I don't usually spill). 

I mix it together and apply with a basting brush (a clean one, obviously). 

Before: some stain I got at a baseball game, probably involved a hot dog....

Brush the mixture on and leave for over an hour, then wash or hand-wash the item. 

After - No stain! 

It works wonders! Two caveats: It isn't amazing on grease stains. Which hurts, because I, genius that I am, think its a good idea to cook in silk or white.  Also, I'm not sure if it works on silk. I tried it last night on two garments that would otherwise be ruined (already tried dry-cleaning), and now I'll take them to the dry-cleaner again, because I can't wash silk. I'll update when I get them back. Clearly taking good care of your clothing will save you the need to buy more. I suppose that should now include changing into something washable before I embark on cooking extravaganzas. 

It DOES work wonders on carpets etc. and it is generally color-safe! Before using on color, I'd spot test juuuust to make sure. 

Hope everyone else is feeling more motivated that me this Monday morning. Studying for the bar is sucking my soul out my face. 


  1. This is really (sad) funny that you also have a stain on your madewell wallace sweater. I got a really tragic dark blue stain all over mine (as it was laying out to idea what happened). It appears to be fading, maybe I'll try your trick!

    1. You should! I got the stain out of mine. Of course, then charlotte took a nap on it so it needs to be washed again. But still! No stains :)

  2. This is great! Let me know if it works on silk, I also cook in my fancy pants.