Friday, June 28, 2013

Worth the Splurge: RELAX

I'm a worrier. I have been since I was a kid. I have an uncanny ability to work myself into knots over nothing, and when I have an actual something to worry about - watch out. The bar exam being the biggest something I've had to worry about in a while...well, I really need a prescription for the world's largest chill pill. Studying all day isn't fun, but it's not horrible. What is horrible is the small panic attack I have every time I open the practice essay book and discover that the lecturer/ assigned reading didn't even cover that topic - and what am I going to do when that happens on the bar exam and then I fail, which will inevitably lead to an inability to get a job; eating macaroons nonstop out of depression; becoming very obese; and eventually the fire department will have to come cut open the wall to our apartment to take me to the hospital, and then I will probably go on Maury and talk about how they had to weigh me on a scale intended for automobiles. All because I failed the bar exam. Anyway - you get the picture - I need to relax (Although if I WAS going to become morbidly obese, macaroons would be the clear poison of choice). So in the interest of relaxing, here are some things I find calming:

Add a book and you've got perfect relaxation 

Add this book. It's hilarious. 

Cooking a lazy dinner with a glass of wine =  my happy place 

The perfect drink for summer relaxation. Pimms. Weekend goal: add it to our bar cart. Serve with these: 

A small obsession of mine. 

I also love the idea of hanging this print in our kitchen. Simple, Clean, Relaxing. 

Tea, Clearly. 

I'm going to try to find a way to work some of these things into my weekend, breathe, and relax. 

Have a wonderful weekend! 


I can't look at that phrase without hearing the song in my head. This happens to you too, yes? 

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  1. love every one of these ideas for relaxation ;) hope you have a great weekend!