Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Splurge v. Steal Throwdown: Mascara

Let me first say that I love Sephora. I could spend hours sampling and sniffing. The problem of course is that designer makeup is expensive. Sometimes, it's worth it. Other times, you've just wasted gobs of cash on a product that will end up at the bottom of your makeup tray, drawer, bag etc. You know of what I speak - that moment a year from now when you get around to cleaning your makeup bag and you discover a twenty dollar eyeshadow you used once covered in the remains of all the other crap makeup you don't use. Don't have a makeup graveyard. Don't be like me. Only buy things you'll use. In the interests of promoting your fiscal health, I'm having a weekly throwdown: Splurge v. Steal. 




The Lowdown: 

Benefit: This is my favorite mascara in Sephora. While I'm also a fan of Diorshow, Too Faced, and YSL, Benefit Bad Gal Lash is the perfect combination of volume and length without the dreaded tarantula effect. For me at least, this is the mecca of Sephora mascara. 

Bonus Points: It comes in plum! If you have green eyes, trust me on the plum. 

Negatives: $19.00 at Sephora

GreatLash Big: This will give you great big eyelashes with lots of length. The brush is sometimes slightly too big to get the little lashes, but is great overall. 

Bonus Points: $5.oo- $7.00 dollars at your local drug store. Or here on Amazon. 

Negatives: It does tend to run if you get it the teensiest bit wet. I know all mascara runs, but you have to be extra careful with this guy.  Also...does not come in plum. 

And the winner is (DUN DUN DUN): 

It's a really great mascara, and at less than a third of the price. Considering that Mascara needs to be replaced fairly often (every two months or so - although I will go longer) to avoid goopiness, the benefits of Benefit just don't outweigh the costs.  


  1. Mini size Bad Gal is also almost ALWAYS a freebie if you spend $X on various makeup sites. I KNOW the point here is saving money...but Birchbox ($10/month) really IS a great way to try new products w/out spending tons - and 1) you sometimes get full size samples (I LOVE my green Eyeko eyeliner) 2) you can rate the products that month and they give you 10 points per product rated to spend on Birchbox. 100 points = $10. And usually there are 5-6 samples in a month, so it PRACTICALLY pays for itself...

    OR: you could be smarter than me and put that $10/mo (+$8 for netflix, $9 for spotify...) into a savings fund...

  2. I forgot to include the reason I meant to comment - another more practical idea to preserve and use your makeup: go buy those mini organizer trays for jewelry or small drawers. That way you can see all your makeup (or at least most of it) and nothing gets lost or forgotten! I'm done and going to work now...

    1. Mini organizer tray is what I use. It is a good idea! I still buy more makeup than I should. The small size is generally free if you get enough points or spend x amount, but the moment I walk into sephora or concede I'm going to make an online order its pretty much all over (I mean adding ONE more OPI color couldn't hurt.....type of thinking). Although some things that I do think are worth the $$, like bare minerals, I do still buy from there and I could make sure to wait till I get that free sample! Good thinking!

      P.S. must call you this week! I didn't realize you started work already!

  3. I couldn't agree more...I think $19 is way too much money to spend on a mascara that you can buy the dupe of in a drugstore. And OOH mascara in plum?! Love!

    I love the Great Lash mascara....but I think the Falsies mascara is even better. It adds so much volume!

    1. Thanks for the advice! I'll have to try it!

  4. The Great Lash mascara wand is so pretty! haha, great post :) Wish there was a sephora in the uk!


    1. No Sephora?! It probably saves you boatloads of cash...

  5. I was scared off the first time I ever bought Bad Gal, because although as you said it avoids the 'dreaded tarantula effect' (which rightly so it does), the last few times I gave mine a go, it's always made my eyelashes super clumpy - even if I've tried to comb them out! It makes mine look like a super thick line. Doesn't suit me very well, haha! I'm happy to see it works in your favour though!

    Lovely blog you've got here ^_^ First time reader! Been reading your posts and I've given you a little follow on BL too.

    Have a loooooovely day!

    Chlo | www.chloodonnell.co.uk


    1. Thanks Chlo! I'm enjoying trying to get it up and running :)

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    1. Your blog is so unique and beautiful. I'm so glad you commented so I could discover it!

  7. I am a HUGE Great Lash fan. I have switched a few times and hated other mascaras...by far my favorite and the price is right...why look elsewhere!

  8. Following, babe! Loved this Benefit post, teehee same as mine!

    xx Sarah

    1. Thanks! Your post made me want to take inventory of all of mine!