Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Splurge v. Steal Throwdown: Sport Support

I was recently discussing my Lululemon addiction with a friend. Said friend is more responsible than I am when it comes to workout clothes. She pointed out that generally, she'd like to spend money on clothes she wears out and about, and not clothes she'll sweat in. While I agree with that sentiment in general, I do love good workout clothes. I spend quite a bit of time in my running clothes, and I want to like wearing them. 

Sports bras are key to a good workout. They need to be supportive and comfortable. If you buy them from Lululemon you can end up spending quite a bit, so lets compare to a cheaper option: 




The Lowdown: 

Lululemon: Comfortable and supportive. Does the job perfectly. Enough said. It will cost you over 50 dollars

Champion: Almost as perfect. Slightly less breathable, but still supportive. 8- 16 dollars at Target. 


Champion! You can't beat the price, and the level of quality isn't enough to justify splurge. 

I will say, this top IS worth the splurge. It feels like you are running naked - highly recommend. 

Money saving tip: Don't wash your workout clothes with any other type of clothes. Don't wash them with cotton. Do wash them in cold water, tumble dry low, and don't use any kind of fabric softener. All of the above don'ts will ruin the porous wicking that makes your workout gear so nice.

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  1. I'm exactly the same, i spend an absolute fortune on gym clothes. Nike is so expensive, in a way though this sort of motivates me to get my moneys worth of wear and tear out of them so it's an all round bonus really! I nominated your blog for a liebster award over on my blog :) love jen | Jennifer's Journal x