Friday, July 12, 2013

Splurge v. Steal Throwdown: Tinted Moisturizer

Studying calls, so I'll make this short and sweet. Tinted moisturizer is my favorite in the summer. Your skin gets a little color, so you don't need as much coverage. I've been using Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer for years now, but I thought I'd try something else a bit less expensive: 




The Lowdown: 

Laura Mercier: I'm just going to say it: this stuff is awesome. You only need to use a little, so even though it's price tag is hefty, it can last you several months. It is light, but still offers great coverage. It's the only make-up I generally use in the summer, along with a little pressed powder. available at Sephora.

Bonus Points: Simple to use, no mess. 

Negatives: $43.00 a tube is just a bit cray cray. Let's be honest. 

Garnier: This will give you coverage, but more than I'd expect from a tinted moisturizer or BB Cream. You should be able to see your summer freckles through this stuff, but if you use even a tad too much, it's way too much. However, if applied with a very light hand it does make for a good summer make-up. Available at any local drug store or online at Target.

Bonus points: $11.99. Long lasting. 

Negatives: You'll need to be very careful not to use too much. 

And the winner is: 

Garnier! It is not as good a product, but with a little patience and experimenting, you'll learn the right amount to use for your skin, you'll also save $31.00. The difference isn't enough to justify the cost. 


  1. Disagree! I tried one of the Garnier products (not sure if it's the same you tried) a few weeks ago and it.was.SO.yucky. Just thick and gooey and...blech. I'll splurge on LM any day. Two things though: 1) LM has SPF - a lot of the drugstore BBs don't. 2) the smaller size LM (1 oz) is only $19 - so you could get 2 oz for $38 as opposed to 1.5 oz for $43. All that being said: I really like this Loreal BB cream - not greasy or gooey and fairly lightweight!

    1. I definitely agree the LM is better, but 38 dollars is still a lot :(. The Garnier product I have isn't gooey, its a little heavy, but its fine if you just watch how much you use! I'll have to try the Loreal one!

  2. I like physicians formula organics tinted moisturizer - it feels light and you can see my freckles, the way you described. It also is spf 15 - I usually watch for a sale at CVS and stock up - the often have buy one get one. It's about 10 dollars regularly!