Monday, July 22, 2013

Breather and a Break: See You After the Bar Exam

My life has become overwhelmed by bar studying - which should have happened much sooner. I'm trying to spend every possible moment cramming useless things into my brain, so much so that things like cleaning my apartment, going to the gym, or getting a few extra hours of sleep are indulgences I feel guilty spending time on - blogging has definitely taken a back seat. I'm going to go radio silent until after July 31st. But to get me through till are some things I'm going to do once I'm free! 

1. The cafe I've been studying at, Tryst, is adorable. It would be perfect for a day of relaxed reading. NOT studying. I'm going to take a book there, and just relax. 

2. Trip to Seattle and Portland! I foresee lots of hiking, brewery tours, and wine tasting. 

3. Get these. Bar-is-over present to myself. Mine are on their last few miles. 

4. Go camping! Read this by a lake. 

5. Cook dinner for my boyfriend, who has basically been taking care of me for the past month - cooking, cleaning, and dealing with my type A histrionics. I'm thinking this

6. Catch up with all the people whose calls I haven't been able to answer, and whose emails I've been horrible about responding to. (sorry :/)

7. Deep clean my apartment, including organizing my closet. There will be castaways if anyone needs some clothes I've probably worn once. 

8. Make this.

9. Take the pup on long walks. Apologize profusely about the recent level of neglect. 

10. Sleep in. 

For the next week I'll be studying like a mad woman, telling myself to breathe, and trying to stay sane. In the end, hopefully I pass. If not, well I wont have to worry about that until results come out in November - one step at a time my friends. See you all on the flip side! 


  1. My boyfriend visited 2 weekends in a row to keep me sane. I'm on my own until next week. Lake, reading, and dog, not to mention sleep, are all on my list, too! Unfortunately, everything is on the back-burner until we get my house packed up and get me moved out.

    We survived three years at a good school-- we can survive this bar exam!

    1. So glad its almost over! Good luck with the bar and with your move!

  2. You can do it!!! Show that bar exam who's boss. Grrrr! And then come to Michigan for a visit after. Kthnx.

    1. Haha, Thanks love! But come visit meeee!