Tuesday, May 21, 2013

In Which I Admit to Having A Problem

My name is Brittany, and I am a shopaholic – foodie – Sephora addicted - Pinterest mongering - weapon of mass consumption. This blog will chronicle my attempt at consumption detox (it might also chronicle my impending financial doom...stay posted). 

My first nagging realization that I might have a problem occurred in college, when a friend loaned me Confessions of a Shopaholic. The book was, of course, hilarious. It was also terrifying in that I related to Becky Bloomwood’s decision to buy a scarf with her last twenty pounds. When she overdrafted her bank account to buy new shoes, well...I could easily see myself in her new loubies. 

Who doesn't envy Cher with her endless fortune and digital closet? 

My relationship with money has been precarious since college. This might have to do with never entering the real world, with enduring nine years of post high school education while loan money seemed like theoretical money rather than real cash. But now, school's out. 

I recently graduated law school. I have to study for the bar. I have to get a job. Although I only know of these things in the abstract, I believe I am supposed to start a retirement account. I should probably pay off my student loans at some point before I die. All of these things have started to weigh on me. A lot. I have realized there is just too much MUCHNESS in my life. 

I live in Washington D.C., and I have a serious love for this city. I have a great apartment; I get to live with my best friend; I have a dog I spoil rotten. It's a pretty great life. If I want to continue to live here without going bankrupt, I have to detox. I have to stop the consumption. 

I'm admitting to my bad habits and committing to a solution: a simpler way of living. Less spending, less anxiety, less overall consuming. 


In theory, this is simple. I only need to realize I have to stop spending and become a frugal-coupon-cutting-master of finance. 

So um...THAT isn't going to happen. But I can implement some realistic changes to help ease my anxiety and attempt to become a responsiblish adult. (Responsiblish: A person who does not buy clothes with rent or grocery money). 

So this is my detox recipe: 

This blog will be the account of my journey towards becoming not quite so outlandishly bad with money. Wish me luck. 

I am going to need it. 


  1. I fully support your efforts! We can share ideas. I'm currently paying off the debt from that Georgetown Master's I just HAD to have, after a year of using my loan money to go to DC happy hours and shop at Whole Foods every week! My favorite trick I try to stick to is shopping and cooking in BULK (seriously, just freeze the leftovers. Soups and crock pot meals are the best and can be super economical and healthy). Think about how much healthier you'll be for not eating out! Also, let's buy ourselves flasks. Lol. That is one purchase that both of our budgets should allow! Orrrr recycle old airplane booze bottles to take into the stadium!

    1. I am obsessed with crockpot meals! We'll have to exchange recipes!