Thursday, May 23, 2013

Foodie Detox: Herbs at Home

I have a love affair with fresh herbs. I buy them for pasta, omelets, salads, cocktails - anything really...and then I forget I bought them and they rot in my refrigerator until I discover I haven't used them in time.

2.99 is not much, but it is too much to spend on something you'll only use 1/3 of before it goes bad (2.99 is 3/4 a happy hour glass of wine!- thinking in these terms is what I call responsiblish!).


Grow Herbs! I thought my black thumb would make this impossible, but they have survived two weeks now, more...they are growing! If I can do this, you can do this. Plants hate me generally. I cannot tell you how many Orchid homicides I have committed. 

Plus, the herbs are planted in a recycled bourbon container! Green all around! 

Peppermint: great for tea, watermelon salad, corn salad, deserts etc.  
Basil: good in pastas, omelets, risotto, quinoa, salads, also great in cocktails 
Rosemary: a great way to flavor chicken, steak, and so good on potatoes 

I've used the basil in several dishes, and made tea with the peppermint. I haven't yet used the rosemary - I tend to veer away from meat and potatoes in the summer, simply because it's too hot...but I'm sure I'll come up with something.  I'm thinking maybe this rosemary gin fizz

Looks so refreshing for the summer! 


  1. rosemary is great on chilled roasted veggies! and one of my friends just sent me the most amazing rosemary bread recipe - we had it with brie and I wanted to just melt right there it was delicious.

    1. That sounds awesome! Share? Or make it for me next wine night ;)?